bulb planting ardmore presbyterian preschool

The Parent Group chairs and Homeroom Parents will help to facilitate this event.

You will be able to socialize, have coffee, and help the teachers with some prep work while you wait for your class.

Your children love when you help with this fun activity. Come springtime, we get to see the fruits of our labor.

Class schedule:

  • 2-day Classes on 10/22-at: 11:15 (Garden area and bed above the playground)
  • 10/23 Rauer-Burchette 9:30-10,
  • Lignowski-Tolbert 10-10:30 (planting along the driveway under preschool windows)
  • Rossio 10:30-11
  • Peters 11-11:30 (planting in the beds at the end of the driveway)