Welcome to Ardmore Presbyterian Weekday Preschool

We strive each day to provide a nurturing environment in which your child will thrive. Our mission is to provide families with a nurturing Christian environment where the growth of the whole child is fostered through play and developmentally appropriate curriculum. You are invited to be part of our family.



What Parents are Saying

Thank you APWPS!

We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend your wonderful preschool. Thank you so much for running it well and making it what it is. Our older kids, especially our middle daughetr, talk about the school ofthen as a place of love, fun and kindness.This will forever be a part of their childhood memories, you have our profound thanks for creating and enviroment that we and our children will happily remember for the rest of our lives.


We moved to Philadelphia unexpectedly three years ago because of my job. I was worried so much about my daughter’s  life at the preschool, and I was not sure if she caught up with other kids because of her language and background culture. However, she enjoyed it every day very much and made many friends there. Also, her English and communication skill has got really good (much better than me!). Now she smoothly joined her Kindergarten class online. That would not be accomplished without your help.

I really appreciate it. 


“We have loved our years at Ardmore Presbyterian Weekday Preschool. The teachers are caring and professional, the classrooms are warm and creative, and the emphasis is on the child getting to be a child, all the while growing academically, socially, and emotionally.”

“My son absolutely love Ardmore Presbyterian Weekday Preschool and I will always be thankful to the teachers and staff there. . . My son is very active, and I’m sure he is not always easy, but the staff have figured out how to channel that energy in good directions. He feels so loved there and asks all the time if today is a preschool day. I am so thankful for everything they have done for my son and my family.”
– A.G.