Want to learn about Compost?

Parents from all classes, join the 3 & 5 – Day Classes as we learn about compost, what it is, how it is made, what it is used for, and why it is so important in helping our environment!

Mother Compost owner, and local Wynnewood mom, Gwenn Nolan, will teach us all about compost.

Gwenn will be bringing mini compost “bins” for our classes to practice composting in the classroom during the following week! 

She will also have finished compost on hand for us to see and touch. 

We will be feeding our spring bulbs with compost this year, and will watch in the spring for its magic powers to (hopefully) shine! 

This is a great opportunity for parents who are interested in composting at home to chat with Gwenn over a cup of coffee and light refreshments while waiting for their child’s class to plant.  Gwenn’s local business makes composting a snap!