Ardmore Presbyterian Weekday Preschool is a Christian preschool which emphasizes¬†Christian values and an appreciation of God’s ever-present love for everyone. A nurturing and loving atmosphere surrounds activities promoting social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical growth.


Children who are three to five are changing from self-centered beings to increasingly¬†social ones. Their solitary play and parallel play are gradually replaced with group play. During this time the size of the play group expands and the amount and duration of cooperative play increases. Play with other children, more than any other activity, helps increase children’s social competence. The leader who emerges in a group is usually the one who has the ability to organize the play and maintain harmony.

The curriculum in Social Studies is designed to help children relate to people and understand their surroundings beginning with the family, school, community and eventually expanding the larger world, including different nationalities of potential friends.