When the school and parents have open communication we can provide an outstanding program to meet the needs of your child. Should you have any questions, please call the director at (610-642-6650).

Parents’ Night in October is a visit to your child’s classroom and a formal presentation and explanation of daily activities and routine. This is followed by refreshments in the Mill Creek Room.

Parent Conferences with written reports are scheduled in February for the 3 Day and 5 Day children. Conferences, if needed, can be held at any time for any age child.

Newsletters – “Preschool Pres(s)” are sent home each month highlighting special events, dates, parenting tips and information. Classroom newsletters are sent home at various intervals. E-mail is often used. Please check the folders on backpacks daily for information and leave them attached to backpacks. The preschool link on the church website will have pictures in a gallery of activities throughout the year.

Parent Participation – Parents are always welcome to participate in any area of the program. If you have a particular expertise or talent that coincides with our activities, please contact your child’s teacher to make arrangements to visit. We will need parent helpers and drivers periodically.

School Closings – You will be contacted through a snow closing email chain. We follow the Lower Merion School District decision to close in most cases. Exceptions may be made when Lower Merion has a late opening. Our snow closing number is KYW 302. You can also check local access TV.